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The first time I saw this trailer was in the cinema. Took me about 15 seconds to figure out what it was. The Ridley Scott logo and name was a dead give-away. I squeaked so loudly that people actually turned to look at me. It’s the first trailer. It’s the first one I saw. It’s also my personal favourite. So this is where we shall begin:

“You don’t understand. I was wrong…we were so wrong. I’m so sorry.” The voice of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) breaks through the static and cuts above the scrambled transmission. These are the first words we hear from Prometheus, the long awaited Alien prequel from director Ridley Scott.

This first trailer really doesn’t give anything away – much like the trailer for the 1979 original. Speaking of which:

For me, the new trailer isn’t just a homage to the original – it is a reassurance and a promise that the tone and power of the original will be respected and upheld like banner. Make no mistake: this is no mere parody, it is a continuation (albeit a continuation…in prequel form…pretinuation?!) We see flashes of the now familiar Space Jockey ship, the ‘Prometheus’ logo fades in – Alien style – in monolithic white letters across the centre of the screen. The metallic siren scream from the first film snaps in amidst the soundtrack. The shots inside the ship’s hangar have a surprisingly Aliens aesthetic and the crew’s soiree into the alien ship’s interior looks hauntingly and ominously familiar. Yet there are tantalisingly jarring moments: things which look familiar but ultimately are different. There’s a giant, stone, humanoid head head at the centre of the ‘egg chamber.’ Are those even eggs? A space helmet blasted by some acidic substance is melting (absent a Face Hugger). There’s a brief flash of a face – clearly in pain – but something unexpected is happening – is the face…changing? We see the Space Jockey’s chair – but what had previously been a fossil is now moving. And then we see the Space Jockey craft actually in the air – hit with an explosion and seemingly heading back down to earth.

Then there’s the brilliant moment when you think the trailer has finished. The single word: ‘Prometheus’ hangs on the screen. But then it all blasts off again with Noomi Rapace screaming: ‘please!’ and the words: they went looking. for our beginning. what they found. could be our end. And the space jockey craft crashes back to earth – to end, we can only assume, in position to be discovered by the crew of the Nostromo.

And then there are things which are just plain new. New space suits. New ships. Clearly new technology – which concerns me a bit as this film is set before Aliens. David (Michael Fassbender) playing with greenish-yellow good, which seems to have some significance. But then again…Jonesy got a lot of screen time in the 1979 trailer, and he wasn’t exactly central to the plot. Although he was one of the survivors.

Next up: trailer no.2