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There’s something about seeing the spoilt and revolting brats of the nouveau riche seriously messed about with, that is intrinsically appealing. Five ‘friends’ are invited to a woodland cabin on the estate of a country house. Here they are forced to play a sadistic version of Truth or Dare – devised by the brother of a boy who committed suicide after being dicked about with by the aforementioned obnoxious teens.

Truth or Dare, sadly, fails to stand by its convictions – ultimately siding with the brats against the delightfully unhinged family of blue-bloods, led by Justin, the psychopathic, homophobic (but extremely dishy) eldest son. It’s nice when a film decides to be original with its characters, but there was literally no one to sympathise with amongst this assortment of over-privileged brats.At the beginning I was firmly sided with Justin – right up until the moment the home-made acid trap came out. By the end I pretty much hated everyone. While I appreciate a film that takes the plunge and murders its simpering (and patronising) female-lead, I resent being forced to sympathise with a truly loathsome tart who becomes the last woman standing in her place.

I suppose I should give the film points for originality – but originality at the expense of credulity doesn’t cut it chaps. The ‘surprise in the attic’ wasn’t surprising, the ‘twist’ ending was blindingly obvious – and frankly, unwelcome. And you let the two most hideous characters survive. You gits.

This film seems to be attempting a bizarre form of social commentary: asserting that the resourceful social climbers will out over the perverted and proud landed gentry. I personally would have preferred a total death-toll. Or a Last House on the Left tale of retribution. But no – instead of that we get a half-arsed twist on the established “Cabin in the Woods” norms. The “virgin” (sweeter than pie miss perfect goody-two-shoes) snuffs it and in her place the unsavoury madam survives. Sweetie-Pie’s bad-boy-beau also tanks it, but the wet irritating superficial prat who is dating the “whore” survives.

There also seems to be a twisted feminist element to this tale. The tarty bitch who wins back her boyfriend after her blackmailing antics have led to the agonising deaths of all her friends is the heroine. But that’s ok because she is a woman in a man’s world – doing what she has to, to save her family’s wealth. Wow thanks guys, I feel so reaffirmed as a female.

Have you ever met the air-headed brat of a city-fat-cat? Their resourcefulness extends to pouting and asking daddy for more money – not extortion and combat skills.

A film in which I hate everyone – and the people I hate most are pushed as the heroes – is not gonna win many gold stars from me. In its favour this film did have some gripping moments in the early stages but the second half degenerates into an increasingly silly mess. It’s one of those films worth watching on the TV or downloading off netflix – to be quickly forgotten afterwards. It’s sort of a bit quirky and original – but only marginally so. If you find yourself impressed by this – you are aiming too low.